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Williamson's Mental Health Services began their journey in mental health by helping disadvantaged children and adults. WMHS has worked with after school programs with children that were victims of socio-economic hardships. These children and adults lacked very important skills needed to function and compete in today's society. Our staff has an extensive background and knowledge in social work and family counseling. We know that it is very important to strengthen the family in a positive way to help integrate all family members in the community.

WMHS offers a psychiatric rehabilitation program for minors ages 5-17 and adults. The PRP program is a mental health skill building service which provides structured activities and ongoing support and guidance. The WMHS licensed mental health professionals will provide a service plan that is geared to the success of the client, which includes independent living skills. Individual sessions are offered to address deficiencies in skills that are preventing the individual from functioning independently and adequately in the community, home, and school. WMHS adult PRP program that includes Money Management, Time Management, Parenting Skills, Job Placement, GED counseling, and along with the other essential skills that minors and adults need.

WMHS Mission Statement

We look to inspire confidence, hope, and respect as a provider of behavioral health care.

Williamson's Mental Health Services will deliver and maintain the highest quality of care to our clients through a combination of compassion, knowledge, and respect. We will work with children, teens, and families to encourage growth, recovery, resilience, and development.

Our Vision:

  • To inspire confidence, hope, and respect as a provider of behavioral health care.
  • To continually strive to be the community standard for excellence and dedicate ourselves to improving every life we touch.
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