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Services provided includes but are not limited 

Problem Solving and Conflict Resolution skills

At WMHS, we provide our clients with the help needed to identify a problem and work with the client in finding the proper steps to successfully solve any problem and resolve any conflict. All of our employees are highly trained to handle the most delicate situations with the upmost care and class. 

Social and Communication skills

We help our clients with basic interaction skills, making conversation, building and maintaining friendships. Our trained professionals help find the link to the minor's frustration or anger and help his or her control their anger. We also help them perform at the adequate academic level at their appropriate age.

We work with our clients with properly communicating their thoughts, feelings, and frustrations in a positive way that can be understood by their peers and family members.

Family Support Counseling

We make sure the minors' family has the adequate tools to help promote the long term and continued success of the minor.

Anger Management

We assist our clients with establishing effective tools needed to manage their anger appropriately free from verbal and physical aggression. Anger is a normal feeling but must be expressed in an appropriate way. We help our clients to implement skills needed to manage anger on an consistent basis.

Semi Independent and Independent Living Skills

It is imperative that minors and adults are equipped with essential skills needed to live a successful day to day life. We work to enhance independent living skills such as money management, time management, medication management and parenting skills to name a few.

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