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Customer Testimonials

" My daughter had a positive experience with Williamson's Mental Health the staff really goes above and beyond the call of duty. I would refer this company to anyone having difficulties with their children. "

- Susan 

" In the past, we have worked with other agencies, and neither measured up to the caliber of the services you provide. The staff there are phenomenal. Williamson Mental Health staff are professional, competent, and thorough. The program director is phenomenal! She is extraordinarily helpful, and went ABOVE and BEYOND her responsibilities & requirements in working with my niece. The services we received were characterized by care and perseverance. ."

Yvonne Fairchild

"My grandson, Jewvonta Wright has been with Williamson Mental Health for the last four years, while working working under Mr. Frank Williamson leadership. Mr. Frank has helped him in various ways such as; social skills, learning how to get along with others, and his behavior. Jewvonta lost his mother June 2017, which affected him immensely. Under Mr. Frank's guidance and counseling, Jewvonta has learned and still is learning how to deal with his emotions. During that time, Mr. Frank saw the need to be with Jewvonta. He made his presence known day after day helping my grandson get through such a difficult time. Mr. Frank has become a part of Jewvonta's life and I can say with certainty Jewvonta is better able ti get along with others today than five years ago.I highly recommend Williamson Mental Health. Mr. Frank has done an outstanding job working with Jewvonta and I look forward to what comes next.."

Louise Cherry-Brown

"Working with Mr. Frank is fun because we play basketball, and I can talk to him about everything that's going on. If I need him he is always there. Mr. Frank takes up time with me, he is like my big brother. Mr. Frank knows what is best for me along with my grandma.."

Jewvonta Wright

Williamson's Mental Health Services has been a God send to me. The agency provided me with an excellent mentor for my son. The mentor and whole staff has had a wonderful impact in my son's life. What they do for client's is amazing; and I will recommend anyone to this agency.

                                                                                                                                                 Linda Reid

Every Christmas I can and have depended on Williamsons Mental Health Services to donate Christmas gifts to my son. Due to my illness I am not able to work and buy my sons clothes for school and gifts during the Christmas holiday. I am so very grateful that the agency assists me every year with purchasing gifts for my son during Christmas and for the start of the school year.


WMHS has provided support for me and my children through all of our mental health issues. I truly see this agency as my guardian angels. 

                                                                                                                                                   Shakeia Jukes

When I was at my darkest hour this company gave me support while I was going through legal issues and they also gave me the resources which allowed me to finish school.

                                                                                                                                                  Marcus Graham  

WMHS Program Director purchased two beds for my sons when they needed it the most.......Patricia Jones

WMHS agency provided support to me while I was going through legal  problems. They encouraged and worked with me so I was able to complete school and graduated. at the end of the 2021 school year...........................Marcus Graham

WHMS has helped and provided support to me and my family throughout the years that we began PRP services for mental health issues. This company is our guardian angels>>>>>>>>>>>Shaniya Jukes

As a mother of 10 children WMHS has provided me with help and support I needed for me and my children. I am especially grateful to my PRP worker Ms. Darnyell Stephens for all the help she has provided. She goes above and beyond in supporting  me and for that I am very thankful. >>>>>Shakeia  Jukes

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